~ Petition for splitting Nockamixon Township and the creation of Delaware Township

No date on this document – likely mid 1850s.

Bridgeton Township , Bucks County (1890)

Kindly submitted by Fran Waite

To the Honorable Thomas Burnsite (sic), Esquire, president and his associates judges of the Court of Quarter Sessions held at Doylestown in and for the County of Bucks, The Petition of the subscribers citizens of that part of the Township of Nockamixon of Bucks County which recently been laid off by Commissioners as a new Township called West Nockamixon and reported the same to said court as appears.

Humbly Sheweth - We the subscribers therefore pray the said Court that the saidreport may please your honors to confirm the same And we do Pray---

First Column John Malone, Samuel Wolfinger, Henry S. Afflerbach,

John Wolfinger, Charles Wolfinger, Nathan Wolfinger,

Joseph Afflerbach, Wilam Morris, Samuel Morris, William Sult,

Frederick Trauger, Henry Dech, Aaron H. Stover, George Sheive,

Jacob Swartz, Joseph Stover, Abraham Stover, Henry Wolfinger,

Charles Yonken, Conrad [Bler]bech, Johannes Sassaman, William L. Trauger, Christian Trauger, Frederick Kiser senior, Christian Kressman,

Jacob Trauger Senior, Frederick Beimer, Abraham Fulmer, Abraham Cressman, William Cressman, Jacob Kressman Junior, Joseph Trauger junior, Peter Trauger, Samuel Trauger, John Trauger, Jacob Kohle, John Messer, David Seip Junior,

J. Michael Dech, Adam Kelber, David Seip senior, Henry Overbeck,

Peter Barnts, Joseph Growman, George Deemer, George Rufe,

Charles Deemer, Georg Nicola, Frederic Campbell, Charles Selner, Levi Selner,

Nicholas Youngken, Jacob Datesman, Henry Kruger, Samuel Heller,

Christine Hufman, Phillip Hoffman, Tobias Althouse, Thomas Ziegenfuss,

Joseph Hoffman, Nathan Keller, Samuel Hal[iwns], Abm. Snider,

Michael Kohl, James Martin M.D., Conrad Kohl, Lorentz Sollomon,

Peter M. Ritter, Peter Ritter, Isaac H. Kohl, J. N. Stony, Frederick Fulmer,

Adam Yost, Levi Yost, Joseph [M---t], Joseph Myers,

William Kepler, Ephraim Yost, Jacob Reagle


Second column

William S. Stover, Mical Snyder, John R. Hoppock,

John Oberbeck, John Trauger, Joseph B. Kohl, Jesse Keller,

George Keller, Damuel B. Kohl, John Sims, [Morell] Keller,

Laenas Keller, John M. Buck, Reuben Wolfinger,

Frederk Kahlen, James Buck, George Misser,

Dr. F. Messer, Benjamin Such, Jacob Kiser, John Kiser, Christian Steeley,

Jacob Trough, Frederick [Hiser], Isaac Hoffman, Solomon Shupe,

Aaron Oberbeck, Samuel [T] Hillpot, Levi Trauger, Charles Keller,

Jacob Sassaman junior, Jacob Saassaman senior,

Elias Trauger, Samuel S. Raisner, Miael Sheetz, Adam Messer,

David C. Sheetz, John Clymer, Michael Dech, John Seip,

Michael Youngkin, David S. Applebach, Jesse Groover,

Thomas B. Kohl, Samuel Deemer, Jacob Alcord,

Jacob Ansel or Anset, William Algard, Frederick Selner,

Nicholas Youngken junior, Joseph Allim,

Samuel [Kruger], Nicholas B. MCarty, John [S/Taxler?],

Martin Hugman, Daniel Autherholt, N. H. McCarty, John S. Klotz, Nicholas G. Kohl,

Justus McCarty, John Sassaman, Nicholas Buck,

John S. Hoot, [?Jhames] Cohl, Samuel Buck, Abraham Ritter,

Henry Ritter, John M. Fox, Jacob Mill,

Tobias Fulmer, John Fulmer,

Aaron Fulmer, Lafayette Yost,

Aaron P. Herder, Franklin Nice,

Abraham Trauger, David [Staus] No. 157



Document 2

[this one contains a good number of signatures in German]



ORDER to Commissioners to lay off a new township to be called Delaware from the Township Nockamixon, Lear Attorney File #26


To the Honorable Thomas Burnside, Esquire…The Petition of the Subscribers Represents That application has been made to the Legislature of this State for the passage of Law to Authorize the citizens of the Township of Nockamixon to determine by Vote whether said Township shall be divided. They therefore pray that the Court Will Suspend their decision upon the report of the Commissioners appointed by this Court to inquire into the propriety of dividing the Township until the Action of the Legislature is known upon the subject they further represent that they are all citizens and tax payers of the said Township and they will pray, etc.

Column one

Elias Rasner, Paelman Weiss, Isaac Fair, John Fair, Abraham Weaver,

Emanuel Gordon, Scott Barnitz, Jonas Gordon,

Adam Fryling, Samuel L. Strouse, Jacob Strouse,

Abraham Freiling, Peter Laubenstein, John J.[--?--],

Daniel [--?--]. Michael & [?]ariel [Kchmond],

Samuel Breiner, John Herdin junior, William F. Foust,

James Bowden, Daniel [Sraunkle], Michael [Ligttayp],

[illegible], Samuel W. Cammon, Luther Calvin,

Samuel Foust, Brettamara Smith, Jacob Gany, Jacob Hunt,

Nicslaus Wiss, Samuel Trauger, Abraham W. Yunger,

John McFerson, Samuel Ashton, Peter Ramsey,

Michael Hood, Hugh Kintner, Jacob Black,

John Deamer, Alburtus K. Thatchar, John Cook, John Kintner,

Levi Neel, Jacob Lechliter, senior, Ab[clam] S. Stein,

Philip Neiss, David Rapp, John W. Fair, Jacob Fautz senior,

Levi Miller, Jacob Winters, Jacob Reagle,

George Kohl, Henry Beam, Isaac Keller, Jesse Strouse,

Charles Trauger, Abraham Miller, William Barron,

Lewis Aflabach, Michael Deemer, George Shitz,

Levi Deemer, Isaac Begaley, William Kohl, [Heny] Dear,

Isaac Weaver, Frederick Wolfinger, Michael Wolfingel, Michael Crouse,

John Fororman, James Burk, John Smith,

Jesse Fleming, Aaron Emry, John Wismer,

Philip Rufner, Jacob Rose, Phillips Hart, Jacob [Jennt], Moses Meatt,

John Ulmer, Jacob Yost, Martin Shaw, Jacob Frankenfield,

Michael Sigafoos, Joseph Christian,

John Sheet, Daniel S. Afflerback, Howard Strouse,

John [Nevenod?], Adam Groover, Jacob Myers, Abraham Mill,

Samuel Lechleiter, Jacob Trauger, Jacob Trauger, Charles Kintner John Harstine, J. S. F. McEntee, Martin Lippncott, Isaac Miller,

John McEnteesenior, [name], Scott A. Erwin, John Derr,

Wm. J. White, Wm. S. Hunt, Brice M. Pursell,

Daniel Pursell, John Adams, George Stat[or], Thomas Gwinner,

Fredrick Rissel , Tunis Butler , John Fisher, Thomas Reasner, Abraham White, Washington Piatt, Jacob Crouse,

Bastion Hahn, John Kelly, Joseph Christian, Jacob Stover.


Second Column

Wm. D. Smith, John M[eyer], Georg Mast junior, Valentine Slager,

Frederick [--?--]t, Demmings Headley,

[Clarance] Lechliter, John Gordon, Jacob Freiling,

Aaron Lightcap, Laurence Fryling, Jacop Friling,

Earnst P. Schaibly, Johannes [Stimques]felt, Wiliam Sasmon, George Rymond,

Henry W. Gray, John Hardin, WilliamHardin,

Joseph Strouse, A. [Fanct/Fauct/Fonct], Michael S. [?Fanct],

Samuel Reigle, Phillipp [Frankler], [--?--] M. Pursill,

Jacob Fulmer, mason, Daniel Afflerbach, Samuel Sassaman,

David [Heren/Geren], John Hoffman, soloman Bigly, Frederick Crouse senior,

Francis Futh, John Agnew, Abraham Wyker,

Michael Curtis, Joseph H. L[orey],

Anthony B[uffman], James McCabe, Michael Lechleiter,

Jacob Stier/Sties, George Shock, Dennis Nicholson, Samuel Lay, Thomas Pursel,

Frederick Rufe, Jacob Lechliter,

Wm. Newton Freichls, [Francis Roft], John Miller, John A. Miller,

JacobW. Hais, John Heager, [Bud---] Toll,

Enos Leidy, john Rufe, Michael Kohl senior, John Morris, Frederick Stone junior, Peter Graugl, Aaron Haeger,

Jacob Bean, Solomon Geever, John Sigafoss,

Isaac [Gadover], Peter Ceemer, Michael Wolfinger, John Carty, Peter S. Klotz, Isaac Stern, Friderick Shick,

Aleandes [Tenua], Jeremiah Mill, John Springenfield, John Stone, Abrm Foust,

Jacob Rupell senior, George Gau Divens,

M[icial] Russell, Andrew Russell,

Jacob Russell, Peter Rausner, Samuel Raisner, Thomas Pursell,

Abraham Fluck, Paul Shaver, Jorg Butler, Philip Rufner junior,

Christopher Shaver, Isaiah Cale,

John Buttler, Christopher [Ratts, Rutt?],

Isaac Houseworth, Jeremiah Grey, Abraham Mill junior,

Abraham Miller, Isaac Groover,

Peter Cosner, Johannes Mill,

Frederick Lechleider, William Lechliter, John Baugler , Tunis Lippncott,

James Smith, John Cochran,

James Cochran, Baltis Templeton, [--?--] Trauger,

Samuel Sigafoos, John C. Maygle, Samuel Leer, Dennis Pursel, Daniel S. Pursel, 

  Thomas S. Pursel, Jacob Pursel, [--?-- --?--] a meson,

Jacob [--?--], John Pursell,

John Fisher junior, Wm. Fisher, Jonas B. Lear,

Peter Leer, Jacob Vanderbelt, Joseph Ha[--?--], George Garey, Aaron Light,

Elias Trumbouer, Adam Sigafoos,

Aaron Piatt, Georg Piatt, Lewis Huntsman,

[Davet --?--], George C [yhert], William Pursell, Solomon Biley


Third Column [short list near the end]

George Sigafoos, Jacob Sigafoos,

Jacob Melcher, John Engel,

Jacob Gray, William Gray junior, Thos. Fulmer,

Dennis and George Andrews,

Peter McCarty, Isaac Swick,

Jacob Stover junior, [Braiar] Hold[en/ar],

Anthony R[oasner?], John Hausworth,

Jacob Miller, John Mill


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