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Levittown was never incorporated and is comprised of three townships and Tullytown Borough.  


Growing up in Levittown meant you went to a different building that they called a school almost every year.  One was a private home behind Bill Levitt's house called Wistar Hill, a barracks of some kind in Edgely.  Then Stoneybrook elementary opened.  Ben Franklin Jr. High (didn't have middle schools back then).  Sometimes you went to Delhaas in Bristol but it had too many students so they created a split session.  The youngest went in the afternoon and come home around 5 or 6 in the dark.  Woodrow Wilson was built and opened before it had windows, the pool was not completed the first year.  Woodrow Wilson was changed to Harry Truman for some reason I don't know and Delhaas is used for offices after it was a gym for a time.


In case you haven't seen this in a while, it's worth watching. The obvious question at the end will be, who has part 2?

Click here: YouTube - Our Home Town: Levittown, Pa. (1954) - Part One of Two








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