New Hope


New Hope

Catholic Saint Martin of Tours

1885 111 New Street

New Hope PA 18938

215. 862.5472 FAX 215. 862.1829

Saint Martin of Tours parish, New Hope, Reverend Peter Quinn, pastor, originated in 1885 in

the labors of Reverend Henry Stommel, of Doylestown. Battle's History of BC (1887), page


Boundaries: Fleecydale Rd. from Delaware River to Carverseville-Wismer Rd.; to

Plumstead/Solebury Twp. Line; to Street Rd.; to Pineville Rd.; to Rt. 232 (Windy Bush Rd.)

to Pineville Rd.; Woodhill Rd.; extended; to Overlook Dr. (both sides excluded); to Delaware

River; N.W. to Fleecydale Rd.

Community Church New Hope Community Church

New Hope PA 18938

215. 862.3565 FAX

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Methodist New Hope Methodist Church (Solebury United

1830 2536 Aquetong Road

New Hope PA 18938

215. 862.5511 FAX

Began in 1830, offshoot of a Sabbath school governed by Solebury Presbyterian. When the

Evangelical United Brethren joined the Methodists in 1968, there became a new denomination:

the United Methodists. In 1970 there was a merger with the New Hope Presbyterian Church,

on Ferry St and that building became the free library. The Presbyterians had organized in

1872, a branch of Lambertville, and were allied with Thompson Memorial until 1893. Page

553, Carversville Christian Church 1837-1987 Methodism was introduced about 1830 by

Reverend Daniel Bartine, who preached occasionally at the house of Samuel Sutton. Battle's

History of BC (1887), page 530

Methodist Solebury United Methodist Church

2536 Aquetong Road

New Hope PA 18938

215. 862.2657 FAX

Presbyterian Thompson Memorial Presbyterian

1813 1680 Aquetong Road

New Hope PA 18938

215. 862.2440 FAX

Organized in 1813 as the "Presbyterian Church of Solebury", many members formerly

connected with the Presbyterian church of Newtown. Battle's History of BC, page 534. The

Presbyterian chapel is connected with the Thompson Memorial church. it was built in 1874-

75 through the efforts of R. Randall Hoes, a graduate of Princeton college and prospective

student of theology. In 1876 the chapel and its worshippers were transferred to the church

with which it is now connected. Battle's History of BC (1887), page 531.

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Unknown Saint Philips Church

1920 10 Chapel Road

New Hope PA 18938

215. 862.5782 FAX

converted from a one-room school house in 1920

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