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 St. John’s parish (Roman Catholic), Haycock, Reverend Gearhart H. Krake, pastor, dates its origin from the latter part of the last century, when the pastors at Goshenhoppen included the seated population of that faith in this section in their pastoral labors. The families of McCarty, Garden, Doren, Sanders (Irish), and others of German nationality were among those of this persuasion. Services were first held at the house of Nicholas McCarty, in Nockamixon, at irregular and infrequent intervals. These annual services were occasions of great interest and importance. Many attended from a distance, and the most hospitable attention was bestowed upon the assembled people.

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As the congregation increased, mass was celebrated at intervals of three or four months. Fathers Malone, Bready, Herzog, Reardon, George, Hispuley, Reply, Wachter, Newfield, Koppernagel, Loughren, Narstersteck, Stommel, Istwan, Walch, and Krake have successively performed the pastoral functions. Father George was the first resident pastor. He assumed charge in 1850, in which year the rectory was built. The first parish church was a primitive log structure, built at an early period. Reverends Theodore Schneider officiated here in 1743, J.B. DeRitter in 1787, and Boniface Corvin, under whose administration a stone church was built upon the site of the present one. The latter was completed in 1855, and is a stone structure. The parish school building was erected in 1861 and incorporated as St. Theresa Academy. It was begun under the Blue Sisters of the Immaculate heart, but the location was found to be inaccessible and it was suspended as an institution of the character at first proposed. It was opened September 1, 1873, by the Sisters of St. Francis, St. Stephane, St. Clotildis, and St. Gregoria, and has since been continued as a parish school. Reverend Henry Stommel was pastor from October 6, 1871, to November, 19, 1875; Father Krake took charge July 30, 1876. The parish comprises the missions of St. Lawrence, Durham, St. Joseph’s, Marienstein, and St. Rosa, Piusfield, and numbers about one thousand souls. It was for many years the only Roman Catholic organization in the county.

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