QUAKERTOWN-- It's name is derived from settlements of Friends, or Quakers, who emigrated from Gwynedd to its vicinity, some time about the year 1700; and when a post office was established here, it was then called Quakertown, about 1803. Designated by early settlers the Great Swamp
, or "Great Meadow". Later took the name of Flatland, and subsequently Richland, from the fertile quality of the soil. In the year 1750 a new building was put up for public worship, accommodating Springfield, Haycock, Milford, Rockhill, they had no other place for worship nearer than the Gwynedd meeting in Montgomery, some 20 miles distant. 1

Red Lion Inn is open as McCooles at the Historic Red Lion Inn.

4 S Main St
Quakertown, PA 18951
Phone: (215) 538-1776
Fax: (215) 538-1738


100 Years ago in Quakertown - January 1, 2006

If you lived in Quakertown 100 years ago, you almost certainly would have worked with your hands.

Maybe you would have rolled cigars, molded iron stoves, made saddles, repaired shoes or driven a delivery wagon.

In 1905, Quakertown was very much a workingman's town set in the countryside. Fifty years after its incorporation in 1855, the borough had grown to about 3,400 residents and become a major commercial and employment center in Upper Bucks.

A 1905 borough directory lists 930 male residents over 21 years old and their occupations. The directory doesn't include women, but photographs from the era show women working in factories and other jobs.



bullet Bucks County Intelligencer April 8, 1876, Removals and changes
bullet Quakertown Historical Society-
bullet Nancy Bosworth, Historian
P.O. Box 846
Quakertown Pa 18951
 (215) 536-3298
Videos of the Great Swamp are available for $10.00
bullet Richard Moore, head of Quaker Church in Quakertown
bullet Quakertown Lutheran Churches
bullet Road Side Magnets in miniature
Quakertown 150 years ago
The Intelligencer

The first in an occasional series of stories on Quakertown's 150th anniversary.

In Quakertown of the 1850s, bachelors got off easier than dog owners.


Union Cemetery

bullet "It's a community cemetery. The community has to chip in if it would like to see it in better condition," ...  a Quakertown funeral director, said Union Cemetery is the only one he knows of in the Quakertown area with an ongoing vandalism problem, though he has encountered similar situations in Allentown cemeteries. Fixing the headstones is a dilemma, ... the cemetery is not legally responsible and many families of the deceased are no longer around." Anyone interested in helping Union Cemetery may leave a message at (215) 538-1431.
bulletBucks County Intelligencer Newspaper
Edward Levenson can be reached at (215) 538-6371 or elevenson@phillyBurbs.com
bullet Richland Monthly Meeting Burying Grounds

Quakertown Free Press

Apr. 14, 1899 Henry G. Ahlum age 62 years, hotel proprietor for many years, died in the home of his son-in-law William Haney in the Eagle Hotel.

Sept. 19, 1902 Samuel E. Bush about 50 years, son of the late William H. Bush who was the Bush House proprietor for many years, died in Atlantic City, N.J.

Burgess Foulke

History from the ArchivesBurgess Foulke House, Broad Street Quakertown PA

The first land grant was obtained from William Penn in 1701 by English and Welsh. February 14, 1703 the Great Swamp was surveyed. Large tracks of land were called townships. Although the land had previously been purchased, it wasn't until 1712 that John Ball and his father-in-law John Lester actually moved into the township of Richland, a wilderness. They moved from a Welsh track near Gwynedd, a Quaker settlement, because it was becoming crowded. They probably wished to become another Quaker settlement. The people who followed them until 1720 were mainly Quakers. In 1720 the town had 12 dwellings, 2 stores, 3 taverns and a Quaker Meeting House. In 1720 to 1750 the Germans started settling in the area. It was incorporated into a borough in 1855. The town stretched from Main street to 9th street.

Railway Express Agency at Quakertown Train Station

Started by: Andrew Jackson Roberts
continued by. . .
his son: Clinton Roberts
his Grandson: Marshall Jackson Roberts
his Great-Granddaughter: Marilyn Roberts Wilsey

The train station office had closed and Marilyn ran the "REA" from home at 58 S. Main Street - Quakertown until the mid 1960's

Snip-it from the Town Crier !

Abraham Griffiths, probably the first of the Friend's Colony to settle in the Great Swamp, which later became Richland Township, was born in Wales in the year 1680. Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks


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Ref: Town and Country Newspaper
Pennsburg, Montgomery County, PA
Saturday - February 11, 1905

RUNAWAY ACCIDENT AT QUAKERTOWN John ROSENBERGER and Frank HELLER residents of Milford Square, on Wednesday  met with an accident at Quakertown while driving through that town in a sleigh.  They attempted to turn out of the trolley tracks to permit a trolley to pass  when their sleigh was upset. They were thrown out and the horse ran away and was  later caught in a field on the outskirts of the town. Mr.  ROSENBERGER's sleigh  was a total wreck and the horse was slightly hurt at one of the rear legs. Mr.  HELLER was also slightly injured at one of his limbs.


Bucks County Normal & Classical School, known as Dr. Horne's School established in Quakertown 1858 held its sixth quinquennial reunion at the Calypso Island near Bethlehem. When the institute closed in 1863 it was agreed to hold a reunion every 5 years as long as 5 students were willing to attend. Among Quakertown students enrolled were: Hattie J. Ball, Samuel F. Ball, Charles S. Ball, Martindale and S. Carey Ball, Charles E., James B., Thomas C. Brunner, Mrs. Belle Brunner, Swartzland, H.B. Clymer, R.S. Cope, Sallie Frick Housekeeper, etc.
Frank BALL, minister of the Friends Meeting funeral director botanist and nature lover. Mr. Ball was also a one time school director and was always active in church, school, Chautauqua and community affairs. From an undated newspaper clipping.
  Fashionable Undertakers  and Dealers in Funeral Furnishing Goods 1889.
bulletAaron Ball
bulletFrank Ball
bulletJoel S. Ball

Bought of Aaron BALL and Sons Dealers in Furniture and Carpets.

Oil Cloth, Trunks, and shades

October 11, 1907 - 60 years ago Aaron BALL, furniture dealer and undertaker celebrated his 80th birthday.
Quakertown PA, September 11, 1880

Mrs. Caroline STRUNK bought of Aaron Ball, Dealer in Furniture and General Furnishing Undertaker


Marble Top Table $6.00

Rec'd Payment

Aaron Ball

Letterheads and Invoices, Quakertown Historical Society.

Mildred Johnson

Born in Quakertown, daughter of the late Andrew G. and Clara Geissinger Biehn.  She graduated from Quakertown High School with the class of 1920.

Born: 1903 Died: 9/7/2003


Franklin Hager Rosenberger

Publisher - The Quakertown Times

Born: 4 August 1863 Paletown Road- Quakertown , PA

Died: 12 May 1895, Richlandtown, PA

Married: 27 April 1892 Caroline LeFetra Weatherby


Erwinna Price d. at 83 in 1980

retired 1965 as a Quakertown School teacher. Born Richlandtown, dau of Harvey A and Sarah Ann (Freed Price.

Miss Emma Price - Teacher 40 yers in 1903 Richlandtown Primary School, Student: Erwinna Price

(Photo at Spruance)

Winifred Price - well known school teacher

Richland Elementary 1903 - Miss Emma Price, Teacher

Elmer Henry, Albert Cease, John Kemmerer, Milton H. Weaver (Dr), Holt Sterner, Charlie Weaver, Stuart Erdman

Verney Nace, Earl Ruth, Mary Schroy, Myrtle Freed, Mable Cressman, Mabel Freemoyer, Revena Hartman, Florence Wimmer, Herbert Wimmer.

Helen Jones, Amanda Frankenfield, Erwinna Price, Edith Gaible, Esther Wilt, Mary Hartman, Maggie Shelly, Ray Hartman

Quakertown - Richlandtown th Grade 1934-1935 Robert Benner, Martine Benner, Grace Hager

Intelligencer December 27, 1859

The Doylestown Democrat for 1860 offers unusual attractions to readers.  On the 3rd of January next will be commenced the publication of a History of the Milford Rebellion in 1799.  Put on foot by Fries, Heany and Getman which will contain a true account of all the interesting incidents connected with that outbreak.


 Church: Baptisms: STEINBERGER Surname: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church: Quakertown, Bucks Co, PA



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