Nockamixon was organized in 1742.  Early settlers: Richard Thatcher, Joseph Warford, Christian Weaver, John Henry Hite, William Morris, John Harwick, Uriah Kemble, David Buckherd, Bartholomew Longstreth, Samuel Cruchler, Jacob Richards, Thomas Blair, William Ware, John Anderson, Edmund Bleney, John Doran, John Wilson, George Ledley, William Dickson, James Johnson, Richard Loudon, John Colvan, Ralph Wilson, Jacob Trimbo, and Thomas Ramsey. The original settlers were English speaking and the Germans overran the township subsequently. The name of Nockamixon is of Indian origin (the place at the three houses). On the back of the petition to the court, asking to have the township organized Gas Drilling The township sits on a shale formation rich in natural gas. I understand over 300 leases have been signed by property owners with gas drilling companies while awaiting production well permits from the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC). We all face threats to our water supply in the Delaware Valley should drilling proceed.














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